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Landscaping Tips for Hilly Terrain

Landscaping a hilly terrain is one of the most challenging jobs for landscape designers. In fact, some landscapers Perth don’t take this kind of job because landscaping a sloping or hilly area requires different strategy and approach than what it is normally done in a flat landscape. Most often, hilly terrains create water runoff, unstable foundation and have sliding or eroding soil.Landscaping a hilly or sloping area is definitely a hard job, but with right method and strategy, you can create a show-stopping landscape.
Choose right plants
Choosing the right plants to be planted in the hilly area are very important. Most often, hilly or sloping terrain have drier soil because water drains down quickly. Drought resistant trees, plants, and perennials are the most suited for hilly areas. Native plants are also appropriate because they are already adapted to the condition of the soil. If you are not sure what kind of plant to buy asks for the advice of expert landscapers in Perth.
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Landscaping Tips for Small Front Yard

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